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Outstanding client service requires insight, expertise, responsiveness, proactivity and integrity. We strive to understand the goals of each of our clients and to optimize resources to tackle our clients’ legal challenges. Whether criminal, domestic, or civil litigation, we apply intellectual agility to every matter – from the complex to the routine – to ensure the best outcomes for clients and in the process, build lasting relationships with our clients by delivering results!

What Others Say

He's a great guy and even better attorney. He did everything he could to get my case resolved as soon as possible and he didn't try to take advantage of me like my last attorney.


Mr. Hubbard was extremely professional, courteous and steadfast throughout the entire process of my divorce. At times when I was very emotional, he made me feel that I could trust him and let him do his job and everything would be okay. That trust in him allowed me to focus on other things, namely my teenage boys, my family, and my job. Because of this I excelled in my job and was a top producer during the middle of my job. This would have never been possible without his help.


Mr. David Hubbard is an extremely intelligent, thorough, compassionate, and caring attorney. A very remarkable combination of positive attributes.